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-> Download Elefir-EN version 1.5.5 (December 2014) <-

In order to install the complete version of the software you will have to register it with a valid Bookcode that is part of the book "Fire Design of Steel Structures", ECCS Ed.

If you don't have a valid Bookcode you will be able to use only a limited version (demonstration) of the software.

To obtain a valid Bookcode you need to buy the book "Fire Design of Steel Structures", ECCS Ed. wich is available for purchase at www.steelconstruct.com.

Changes in Software

Changes in the version 1.5.5

- Minor corrections and improvements.


Changes in the version 1.5.4

- Minor corrections and improvements.


Changes in the version 1.5.3

- Minor corrections and improvements.


Changes in the version 1.5.2

- Minor corrections.


Changes in the version 1.5.1

- Possibility to consider by default Ksh=1.0 in thermal calculations (in the main window of Elefir-EN under the menu "Tools -> Options").

- In Lateral Torsional Buckling the calculation of the Elastic Critical Moment (Mcr) has been changed in order to allow only the cases that Elefir-EN can calculate, however the possibility to define the Mcr is still available.

- Other minor changes.


Changes in the version 1.5.0

- Bi-axial bending (cross-sectional verification).


Changes in the version 1.4.7

- User can now define 7 simultaneous localised fires.
- Minor changes.


Changes in the version 1.4.5

- Correction in the calculation of the factor δq,1 that takes into account the fire activation risk due to the size of the compartment (See EN1991-1-2 Annex E).


Changes in the version 1.4.4

- Element submitted to bending and compression (in the Lateral Torsional Buckling module).

- Localised fires.

- Report has been improved in order to display more information and results.


Changes in the version 1.4.3

- Possibility to define the value of the adaptation factor k2 for the global plastic analysis of continuos beams.

- Other minor changes.


Changes in the version 1.3.0

- Possibility to save and open thermal data files.

- Data files have been moved to default windows application folder.


Changes in the version 1.2.2

- Stainless Steel has been implemented.
- Updated profile database.
- Rectangular and circular solid sections for thermal calculations.
- Charts of the area and the diameter development in localised fires have been implemented.
- New methodology to calculate the temperature in the protection materials whose thermal properties are temperature dependent. Instead of considering the steel temperature, now the temperature of the protection material is the mean value between the temperature of the fire and the steel temperature.


Changes in the version 1.1.3

-     Multiple localised fires.

-     Global plastic analysis of continuous beams with or without shear effect. (See: element submitted to Bending and element submitted to Bending and Shear).

-     Calculation of critical temperature of class 3 elements submitted to Bending and Shear.

-     Definition of other steel yield strength.

-     Elefir-EN file extensions:

      - RHR curve (changed from *.ini to *.rhr)

      - User fire curves (changed from *.txt to *.temp)

      - Temperature dependent protection materials (changed from *.ini to *.prot)


Changes in the version 1.1.2

- Safety factors can now be defined by the user according to the National Annex of the country.



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