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Elefir-EN is a software for the evaluation of the fire resistance of carbon and stainless steel members loaded about the strong axis or about the weak axis, according to EN 1991-1-2 and EN 1993-1-2.

Calculations can be performed in the time domain, resistance domain and temperature domain. Elefir-EN is an essential tool for structural engineers in the design office, enabling quick and accurate calculations to be produced, reducing design time and the probability of errors in the application of the equations. It can also be used by academics and students.

mechanical response window

thermal response window

Mechanical response

The software allows for the calculation of the critical temperature, critical time, resistance function of the steel temperature and resistance function of a given time for members subjected to:




Bending (with or without Lateral Torsional Buckling - LTB)


Combined bending and compression (with or without LTB)

Combined bending and shear



Thermal response

Calculation of the thickness of the fire protection material needed to ensure a certain fire resistance.
Calculation of the time to reaches the critical temperature of the element.
Calculation of the temperature reached after the introduced critical time.

The software allows for the consideration of the following temperature-time curves:


Standard Fire Curve ISO 834

Hydrocarbon Fire Curve

Parametric Fire Curve

Localised Fire (with the possibility to consider multiple localised fires)

User defined Fire Curve

Different profile exposures:

three or four sides of the element

options for section protection:
no protection, contour encasement and hollow encasement.


Properties of several protection materials are available: rock/glass wool, gypsum and also allows for the introduction of a new material defined by the user. Temperature dependent thermal properties of protection material can be defined by the user.


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